ProClient Security Policy

Last Modified: January 3, 2022

ProClient understands that security is vital to any business. Data protection is a key priority for our team. ProClient maintains a set of industry standards and practices meant to ensure data security and safety.

icon data retention DATA RETENTION

ProClient software provides data storage using Amazon AWS cloud servers. Data backups are created on a daily basis. Your business location will determine the physical location of your data. Your data will be stored on US-based servers.

Your documents are stored encrypted and duplicated. Our data retention allows for your documents to be accessed for years to come. As long as you have an active account you and your clients will be able to access the stored documents.

Our software stores the minimum amount of data necessary to provide good quality of service. ProClient directly stores and handles customer data. For additional consumer protection, credit card details are stored and handled by a trusted service provider Payrix, a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant developer platform.

icon pci dss PCI DSS SECURITY

Credit card details are not kept by the ProClient software. ProClient only serves as a gateway for credit card information to be sent directly to our payment providers over a secure SSL connection. At no point is this data shared to ProClient, its developers or subscribers.

All payments made with credit cards get processed by Payrix, our PCI-compliant service partner.

icon physical server PHYSICAL SERVER SECURITY

ProClient’s systems are housed on cloud servers managed by Amazon AWS, one of the leading providers of cloud computing solutions. Read the AWS security documentation to get a detailed picture of the data security network, infrastructure, solutions and system design offered by Amazon.

icon ssl SSL REPORT

All data communication via ProClient is protected by Secure Socket (SSL) encryption. Our SSL setup is certified as employing strong 256-bit encryption designed to keep your data private.


Using the ProClient software will ensure complete compliance with the provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). In accordance with the GLBA, ProClient safeguards the security and confidentiality of the data entrusted by your clients.

icon security order processing SECURITY ORDER PROCESSING

When you place orders on our websites or through our mobile applications, all of your order information, including your credit card number and delivery address, is transmitted through the Internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology causes your browser to encrypt your order information before transmitting it to our secure server. SSL technology, an industry standard, is designed to prevent someone other than operators of our websites from capturing and viewing your personal information.

While we use industry-standard means to protect our websites and your information, the Internet is not 100% secure. The measures we use are appropriate for the type of information we collect. We cannot promise that your use of our websites or mobile applications will be completely safe. We encourage you to use caution when using the Internet. Online access to your personal information is protected with a password you select. We strongly recommend that you do not share your password and that you use unique passwords for all of your online accounts.


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